Thursday, September 4, 2008

Atlas Poetica web site revamped

The revamp of the website is complete. Located at, the revamped website has been expanded to include an archive with past issues, updated submission and international information, and a new introduction by Editor M. Kei.

Atlas Poetica : A Journal of Poetry of Place in Modern English Tanka, is a biannual journal in a format of 8.5" by 11", with a full cover color. It features poetry in English and translation from around the world. Tanka poetry of place expands the self to include the community and the environment, both human and natural, through which the poet travels. Groups and places have their biographies; they are not static non-entities but profoundly important, affecting and effective boundaries of the poet's psyche. Whether contemplating subjects as diverse as n old chest of drawers or a Canadian waterfall, poets find connect, meaning, and significance in the previously unremarked proximities of our lives. Tanka poets of place are pushing tanka as a genre and poetry as a form into new territories.

Atlas Poetica 3 will be reading submissions until November 20, 2008. Full details are found on the website. A significant change from previous editions will be the production of e-books of moderate price, specifically intended to make Atlas Poetica more readily available in the international market. A free online version will also be published.